Original Art by Robyn Thompson

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about CREATING yourself.

Artist Statement

    I draw and paint to reveal my inner feelings that are most of the time hard for me to verbalize.  I try to create art that is personal and has some deep meaning at least for me if no one else.  I tend to be very introspective and I feel my art reflects this.  Each piece I create is like a small window that reveals a glimpse of who I am.  As a shy person I find it much easier to express myself visually.  I most enjoy creating self-portraits, whether they are straightforward, implied or abstract.  Frida Kahlo has influenced my work immensely.  I admire her strength and willingness to bare her soul through her art.  She was a brave woman and I hope to some day be half as brave.  As a Cape Verdean American woman artist I also feel a strong connection to my cultural roots and try to demonstrate this through my art by depicting my family and cultural events.  I have more recently decided that I would like to delve further into my heritage and try to create from a Cape Verdean American perspective.  I feel that I am always working toward figuring out exactly who I am and who I want to be as an artist.